August, 2017: Highlights of the month

Thompson St.

Under construction!  We are happy to announce our project in Alpharetta has received all its permits and is under construction.  This 2 acre site will be home to 24 new residences in four buildings.    Tree save areas account for approximately 30% of the site and are primarily located at the rear portion of the site. 

The Bright Horizons

Open for business and running smoothly.  The Bright Horizons outdoor play area at Piedmont Center - Building 4.  This was an overgrown, forgotten space between an office building and a parking deck, now it is an active, vibrant play space.

July, 2017: Construction News 

The Tianjin 2nd Neighborhood

Our Tianjin 2nd Neighborhood project is under construction. The rain season brings many challanges to the job site...

June, 2017: Work in China

Lun-Nan Shan Village, Zunhua, China is to become a senior living getaway resort.  A total of 42 million dollars is being invested by a local developer. We are currently working with the design team from THUPDI to create a master plan for the resort.  A site visit this summer was full of surprises, including the beauty and incredible craftsmanship of the folk architecture.

May, 2017: New project - Seasons 52 at the Mall of Georgia

Coming soon to the Mall of Georgia, a new upscale restaurant that offers fresh, healthy options for all seasons.  So excited to be a part of the team that is bringing Seasons 52 to the Mall of Georgia.  The new restaurant along Buford Drive at Mall Grand Lane will feature a full size restaurant and patio under the cover of mature existing street trees, as well as new lush planting.  Working with the owner, civil engineer and county, we have been able to develop a new restaurant site that fits seamlessly into the Mall.  Look for a grand opening in 2018.

April, 2017: Garden Hills project update

Coming soon to Buckhead, a new mixed use development near the corner of Peachtree and Rumson Roads.   Still under review for final approval by GDOT, this mixed use development will feature street level restaurants for an area of Peachtree with few dining options. Projects with frontage along Peachtree can be a challenge since Peachtree is a state road and GDOT has many requirements that are different from the City of Atlanta.   A word to the wise, always check to see if your project is located along a state route before you begin the design process.   Follow the standards set forth, and reconcile those standards with city requirements. 

March, 2017: New China Project

Archetype Landscape teamed up with local architects to create a theme park resort site plan. This project is located in LiJiang, Yunnan, China. 

April, 2016: Initial inspection of existing trees, Alpharetta, GA

Doing an initial inspection of existing trees for a new project in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Alpharetta is tough when it comes to their existing trees.   Specimen trees are given priority status so I am out at the site reviewing the existing conditions.  Later there will be design alternatives, critical root zone impact calculations, tree care and maintenance prescriptions and Arborist consultations.   Today I am trying to not catch poison ivy.

February, 2016: Tianjin job site visit, Tianjin, China

After working to develop an amazing design for the Second Neighborhood project (under construction in the background), Archetype Landscape was awarded another project in the redevelopment - the First Neighborhood. The designs for each include urban residential courtyards, streetscapes and urban plazas. Both projects are part of the New Eight Neighborhood Redevelopment in Tianjin, China (a 160+ hectare urban redevelopment project).

August, 2015: Guian Digital Park site visit, Guian, China

In August, Ming went back to the site for a kick-off meeting for the next area to be designed - Area B, and the streetscape and corner plazas at Taihao Road. The Model Area's landscape and hardscape construction is almost done! The four large palm trees were installed at the front plaza….. 

May, 2015: Vanke Wuhu construction in progress, Wuhu, China

The Model Area of Vanke Wuhu is under construction.... 

March, 2015: Guian Digital Park site visit, Guian, China

In March, Ming and Geoff traveled to several cities within China.  One of our stops was to make an on-site presentation for the Guian Digital Park project in Guian, China. Two towers in Model Area were under construction at that time. 

March 23-24, 2014: Meeting in Shaoxing, China

Ming was invited by the City of Shaoxing to an International Seminar for Concepts of Shaoxing Watertown Planning on March 22 -23, 2014. The seminar was hosted by The School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, on behalf of The City of Shaoxing.


Shaoxing is located in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to Hangzhou Bay, China . It is well known for its undulating hills and rich water resources, with a large coverage by river, lakes and wetlands. Shaoxing has a long history (founded in 490 BC) with many cultural heritages. 


The rich river network in Shaoxing has played an irreplaceable role in the birth and development of Chinese agriculture. Today the rapidly growing urban city is working to recognize the value of the river network both in its material and spiritual heritage.  How to continue this remarkable role during the development of the city’s industry, urban development, environmental and cultural preservation.  How to realize the renaissance of Shaoxing Watertown is our mission.


During this seminar, scholars and experts from China, the US and Italy presented previous projects as case studies, and discussed the future possibilities for development in the City of Shaoxing. 


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